Coming To A Close

Hello friends,

Today is December 6th 2019, officially the last day of classes for all my courses this semester and is the last day of my Open Source class. With it coming to a close, I just wanted to share with you all what I originally wanted from this course and what I took away.


When I first sign up for those course, I assumed it was gonna be a flexible and interesting course and a decent way for me to maybe build up my git history for potential co-op opportunities. Also, I never even really looked into the Professor, but I heard good things. Overall, It seemed like a good choice for me to take.

What I Got

I think the greatest thing this course has taught me, is undoubtedly how to use git. Coming into this course I was a lost puppy and didn’t know how to use git at all. Now that it’s all said in done, I don’t think I’m a git wizard by any means, but I believe for the most part I understand how it works and how to use it pretty well. I can at least rebase and squash all my commits, which I feel will be very useful down the road.

Also, something I felt this course has helped me with is reviewing code. Having to scan many repositories for issues and code and even trying to understand code bases I decided to work really takes a lot of work. I realize that reviewing and understanding code really is a skill and this course has definitely helped me to improve on that.

It also helped me to understand what working on a real life open source project is on with a team. The internal project of Telescope and the madness that ensued on the last friday of Release 0.3 showed me that Open Source projects can move fast and sometimes messy.

Lastly, I think it really gave me a door into another world. Before this course I was wondering how I could practice and create things outside of school and my course projects. Now, I have a whole world of repositories to chose from to try help build and learn.

In The End

I believe that I learned a lot of great things of this course and will recommend to anyone who hasn’t taken it before. Learning how to use git is an amazing thing about this course. To be honest, this course overall is pretty fun, especially with the freedom that this course provides students. Having the ability to choose the problems you want to work on and when as long as they’re in by a certain due date is pretty cool.

And to David who may be reading this… thank you!

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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