Release 0.4: Part 1

Hello friends,

So for the next couple of weeks I will be working on Release 0.4 for my Open Source Development class. In my last release, I worked on creating a test for the code that sends email in our internal project and helped on some external issues that layer5 had with changing the layout of meshery. For release, 0.4 it is similar in that I have to complete both an internal PR (pull request) and and external one was well.

Internal Issue

The internal issue I decided to work on is adding more tests the test code I was working on before. As last week only 15% of the statements were being test. I believe it was important to help raise the percentage to ensure the code works properly, especially since I helped with implementing the first test.

External Issue

So, last week I told you guys I had a small little bug fix for meshery. After I finished that PR, I was actually tagged by the maintainer to fix a similar issue. I did that one as well since it was fairly straight forward. The interesting thing was that I was actually invited to join their community. The maintainer asked me to join their slack and asked me to do a brief introduction about myself. I quickly explained who I was and how I got into Open Source software. So, even tho I haven’t settled on an external issue I’m probably going to pick something from this project. Also, something cool they told me about meshery was it was being presented at KubeCon 2019 and that my PR would be shown since it was done so close to their presentation date.

In The End

I’ve got an understanding of what I’ll be doing for my release 0.3. It’s really just a matter of buckling down and getting to work.

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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