Release 0.3: Part 1

Hello friends,

As of recently I’ve been working on on release 0.3 for my open source class. This release I am responsible for two pull requests. One that is for a internal project we are working on for the course, which is feeding our blog post to a blog planet. As a matter if fact this blog post should eventually be on it as well. The other is and external pull request for a repository that we find interesting on GitHub.

The last week I only did some preliminary work by choosing issues that I wanted to work on for both pull requests. For the internal pull request I ended up finding two issues that I wanted to work on. The first being creating a tester for the email functionality of our planet. This test will ensure that the our email feature is capable of sending out emails properly and if someone breaks this functionality we will be warned. For the external pull request I decided to go back to one of the first projects I was interested in when I started this course. It was issue ODK Collect, which is an app that creates forms. The issue I decided to try and tackle was essentially changing the way location was checked in the app.

As of today, I haven’t coded much of the work needed for these issue, but I’ve been looking into and researching these issue. For the internal issue I’ve been looking into ways of testing nodemailer, which is what we are currently using to send emails. I’ve found some articles online that I think will be useful like this. On the other hand, for my external issue I’ve been reading through the codebase and trying to understand and piece together what things do.

In the End

I’ve started and have been looking at ways to solve the issues that I’ve chosen to work on. It’s just a matter of working and trying to implement my ideas on how to solve these issue. I hope all goes well, but I’m sure you all will be hearing about the issues I ran into next week.

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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