Hacktober Fest: The End

Hello friends,

As October comes to close, that means Hacktober Fest is at it’s end as well. I feel like it was a pretty productive experience that taught me a lot of different things. It was a great exercise to get myself introduced into the world of open source development, which I am sure I will continue to be a apart of in the future.

This week was my fourth and final pull request for the month. In the past three it was me working on other people personal side projects like a fitbit face or a game they were developing. This time around I wanted to work on something more “serious”, i guess. Basically, something that had more “reputably” or experienced developers working on the project. That is were I found the current issue I worked on, which was an external prototype of authservice.

The Fix

The fix for this was relatively simple. The issue was just changing the top-level namespace that was called transparent_auth to authservice. This meant any code in the codebase that was using that namespace had to be changed to work properly and the headers using that namespace had to be changed appropriately as well. This was essentially me combing through the codebase and making the simple changes. I ended up changing 130 lines of code and over 39 different files, which included both the source code and the testing for the code. This can be seen in the image below of this link

Hmmm… Interesting

There was a few things I found interesting about this pull request. This was the first time I’ve ever had to sign a CLA (Contributor License Agreement) for my code or even have to sign-off on my commits, which I both had to do in this pull request. I finished the pull request before the reviewer was able to assign the issue to me. So, to my surprise I had to automated comments on my pull requests (See below). One was a googlebot telling me that I need to sign a CLA and istio-testing telling me that I need to sign the CLA and sign-off on my pull request before my code to be merged and accepted. This followed up by a reviewer of the repository telling me the same thing. The CLA was quite easy to fill out I just I just had to sign in with my Google account and confirm my information. The sign-off was pretty simple as well, I just had to run some commands on the branch I was on to sign-off on my pull request.

In The End

What is was the purpose of this Hacktober Fest? It was in essence my first dive into the ocean of issues and pull requests that is Open Source Development. In the end I think it was very successful, in the fact that I worked on different projects for different things and in different languages. Although, I wasn’t able to work on more Javascript projects like I had hoped for, I worked in languages that were very relevant to myself in some of the other courses I was taking currently, which I felt was still a plus.

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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