First Issue (Hacktober Fest)

Hello friends,

Hacktober Fest is upon us and that means issues galore. As you guys know I’ve decided to participate in this years Hacktober Fest (need that sweet merch). That means I am tasked with submitting four different pull request. It took me a while, but I found one that was a decent beginner issue.

Issue At Hand

The issue that I found was for Chris Blyth and his Fitbit-Overview-Face. It’s his own repository for creating his own custom face for fitbit watches.

The issue at hand was adding a new date format for his custom face. Once I got the go-ahead to start working on it I started to skim/scan through his code. I found where he kept and created new date formats under his date.js file in his getDateInFormat function. The original code for the function can be seen below

I scanned through the function and noticed the style he wrote it and how we wrote the code the other date formats. So, I followed suit and created the requested date format in the same style as the others. All I had to do was rearrange the return statement to ensure the code was following the right format. The code for the new date format can be seen below

In the End

In the end the code for the issue wasn’t all that difficult, but it was a good way for getting my feet wet in the Open-Source world. It did help me by learning how to identify issues and how to find scan and understand someone else’s code. This will help later down the road with more complex and bigger projects. As of 4:03PM EST 10/4/2019 my pull request has not been viewed or merged.

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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