Creating Fixes and Features

Hello friends,

Recently, I was tasked in my Open Source course at Seneca College to create issues for both a fix in someone’s code and add a feature to another person’s project. This was designed to help us get into the flow of how coding for Open Source projects actually are.

So… below are the fixes, features and the pull requests for Release 0.1 of DPS909.


As I was looking for fixes through my peers code, I stumbled upon agarcia-caicedo’s code for their tinyNote app. I noticed they weren’t catching a possible error that could occur when their app was saving the contents of the note. So, I added a simple fix for the issue that I created within her repo. It was simply taking her two saving functions and creating one function that did both and caught possible errors. The code for the fix can be seen below


While looking through jrdnlx code for his noteboard app, I noticed he had a lot of different functionality. Although, they didn’t add one feature that I felt was core for every note taker app, which was also included in mine. That feature was a save and clear function for his noteboard. This is where I decided to add that functionality to his code as well, which can be seen here. It was to fix the issue that I filed here.

To add the functionality it was simply to add two buttons, which correspond to either a save or clear function. As well as updating his script to include functions that save his note and clear it. The code to this feature can be seen below

Pull Requests

Like the work I did on other people’s repos, others helped to improve my web based note taking app as well. As of 9/22/2019 11:52PM, I had two pull requests two issues that fixed issues created in my repo. The two requests were for a bug fixes that fixed a bug that didn’t allow Firefox users to type and the other was a bug that was caused when foreverNote was intially loaded. I looked over both code to see if the fix actually did was it was supposed to do and had no other unintended effects. Both were valid and correct, which is why I decided to merge both to help improve my code.

All In All

In the end, this assignment was actually a lot of fun and helped improve my knowledge and familiarity with gitHub. That’s what I call a win.

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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