ODK Collect

I’m sure many of you have heard that the phrase that “data has surpassed oil as the most valuable resource in the world.” This is crazy thought, since most of us give our data away for free to these giant tech companies. Data has become a commodity and can be used in various different capacities, ask Cambridge Analytica.

That is why ODK Collect is highly interesting. In a world where data has become money, here a company gives their software for free. It has been used all over the world in challenging areas like Amazon rain forest, space, and third-world countries to keep track of polio vaccinations.

ODK Collect is an open source android app that renders forms. It is was created to be able to used in challenging environments that have low connectivity and be able to support many different types of questions and answers. It is primarily written in Java, which is language I am currently interested in.

ODK Collect has the ability to help numerous people in challenging in environments and most importantly, it’s free for everyone.

Published by Neil

I am currently a third year student at Seneca College studying Software Development.

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